Cancer Research UK and Stitch strengthen their partnership, collaborating on two new studies

Cancer Research UK and Stitch strengthen their partnership, collaborating on two new studies

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Cancer Research UK and Stitch are pleased to announce the expansion of their partnership, focused on enhancing the patient experience within clinical trials.

In their work together to date, Cancer Research UK and Stitch have worked tirelessly to empower patients in managing their trial journey and capturing invaluable feedback.

After a successful pilot study launched in January 2023 across two research sites in the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres network, the charity’s Centre for Drug Development has decided to further integrate the Stitch platform into their clinical trial initiatives. The initial pilot demonstrates impressive participant engagement and survey response rates, providing Cancer Research UK with crucial insights to enhance the design of their trials.

Director of Drug Development at Cancer Research UK, Dr Stephen Nabarro, commented on the pilot’s success, stating:

“The Stitch platform used in our Cancer Research UK trials was designed with patients, for patients. As we continue to track the key measures of success during the pilot study, it is rewarding to see the increased level of support we have been able to provide to trial participants, and the feedback provided from participants has been invaluable.

We are excited about expanding our use of the Stitch platform to two additional trials and to explore the potential benefit of new features such as giving caregivers access to Stitch, and also using the application to provide participants with updates on progress of the trial.”

This positive outcome has prompted the charity to extend its collaboration with Stitch to two further studies set to go live in Spring 2024. In addition to these studies, Cancer Research UK will also be expanding the scope of the pilot study to provide more trial participants with the enhanced support offered by the Stitch platform.

CEO of Stitch, Jonathan Moshinsky, expressed his enthusiasm, saying:

“The input from this collaboration shaped our initial product build, so we’re delighted to see our platform providing real and tangible value to both trial participants and trial sponsors. I feel fortunate to be working with Cancer Research UK, a partner who truly understands what it means to be patient-centric, and I am excited to continue our collaboration to ensure that Stitch further reduces the participant burden of being on a clinical trial, and drive quantifiable value for sponsors.”

The feedback collected through Stitch’s platform will play a pivotal role in optimising current and future Cancer Research UK studies. By leveraging patient insights, Cancer Research UK aims to deliver trials that are not only more patient-friendly but also more effective in exploring innovative treatment options.


For interview requests or other media enquiries, contact Mike Sterling on OR Fiona Scott in the Cancer Research UK press office on / 020 3469 5128, or out of hours, on 020 3469 8301.

About Cancer Research UK

  • Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information.
  • Cancer Research UK’s pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has helped save millions of lives.
  • Cancer Research UK has been at the heart of the progress that has already seen survival in the UK double in the last 40 years.
  • Today, 2 in 4 people survive their cancer for at least 10 years. Cancer Research UK wants to accelerate progress and see 3 in 4 people surviving their cancer by 2034.
  • Cancer Research UK supports research into the prevention and treatment of cancer through the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses.
  • Together with its partners and supporters, Cancer Research UK is working towards a world where people can live longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer.

For further information about Cancer Research UK’s work or to find out how to support the charity, please call 0300 123 1022 or visit Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

About Cancer Research UK’s Centre for Drug Development

Cancer Research UK has an impressive record of developing novel treatments for cancer. The Cancer Research UK Centre for Drug Development has been pioneering the development of new cancer treatments for 30 years, taking over 160 potential new anti-cancer agents into clinical trials in patients. It currently has a portfolio of 16 new anti-cancer agents in preclinical development, Phase I or early Phase II clinical trials. Six of these new agents have made it to market including temozolomide for brain cancer, abiraterone for prostate cancer and rucaparib for ovarian cancer. For more information, visit

About Stitch

Stitch is the retention platform for clinical trials. Stitch improves patient experience by making it easy for patients to manage their trial journey and share their feedback. This feedback enables faster, more patient-centric trials, with better retention. For more information, visit

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