Stitch Partner with Exeltis to Improve Retention

Stitch Partner with Exeltis to Improve Retention

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Stitch announced today that they have partnered with Exeltis to improve the participant experience on a US based Phase 3 women’s health study due to go live across the US in early 2024.

Exeltis is a leader in the field of Women's Health, researching, innovating and creating new treatments and devices to improve the health and wellbeing of women all over the world. Exeltis is part of the Spanish multinational Insud Pharma.

This partnership aims to improve the experience of the study participants and capture their feedback in real time. Ana Pérez Hidalgo, Clinical Operations Director at Insud said:

“We want to provide our participants with a world class trial experience. To do this we need to understand each participant’s journey so we can take the appropriate steps to improve it. Stitch provides us with this understanding"

Jonathan Moshinsky, CEO of Stitch, said:

“I’m excited about our collaboration with Exeltis, a global leader in women’s health studies who share our belief that the participant experience is crucial to clinical research. We’re delighted to be providing them with a way to capture feedback, directly from their trial participants, in real time. This will give them new information to further improve their trial operations.”

Stitch’s platform feedback will help refine this study, and also guide future trial improvements as both companies continue to create a better, more effective clinical trial experience for participants, sites and sponsors.


About Exeltis

Exeltis is a fast-growing division of the integrated health sciences group Insud Pharma. With a global footprint spanning over 40 countries, Exeltis has a team of more than 4,000 professionals supported by a global manufacturing network. It boasts a leadership position in the Women’s Health segment and in recent years, Exeltis has also diversified into Central Nervous System (CNS) and other therapeutic areas.

About Stitch

Stitch is the patient engagement and feedback platform for research sponsors who care about patient experience. Designed with patients to make their trial participation easier, Stitch gives sponsors a real-time assessment of the patient experience to increase patient engagement and study effectiveness. For more information, visit