In the Spotlight: Inspiring conversations on how to evolve patient engagement at the Patients as Partners conference

June 14, 2023

It was fantastic to attend the Patients as Partners EU conference, in our hometown of London. 

Our CEO Jonathan joined a panel discussion on managing mental health for patients in clinical trials, along with Alfred Samuels, Ceinwen Giles and Deirdre BeVard. The conversation covered how patients want (and need!) support to manage the burden of participating in a clinical trial, and that they want to be partners in research and have feedback on their experience taken into account.

The conference overall was a fantastic event. The three key learnings we took from it are:

  1. Patients are looking for support from sponsors to make it as easy as possible to find clinical trials and participate in research.
  2. Listening to patients and acting on their insight is no longer optional.
  3. Pharma companies are starting to recognise the importance, impact, and quantifiable ROI of patient engagement and are investing in this space.

It’s been great to join the conversation on how the industry can continue to evolve how patient engagement is done, and how this can make trials better for patients, sites and sponsors.

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