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Sites have too much to do. Make it easy for sites on your study to give participants the best possible experience by automating manual processes. We have worked closely with sites across the globe to ensure Stitch makes them more efficient.

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Sharon, Trial coordinator
"Stitch is really easy to use and helps us support our patients. We should use this for all our studies!"

- Sharon, Trial coordinator

NHS The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals

Stitch saves sites time

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Give sites more time to spend with patients

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More informed patients, fewer missed and wasted visits

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Bring the site and patient closer together, and reduce the number of queries

Visit reminders and requirements
Improve protocol compliance

Visit reminders and requirements

Automated reminders sent to patients at the right moment, letting them know what they need to do to prepare and be compliant with the trial protocol.

Visit confirmation
Reduce missed visits

Visit confirmation

Participants can confirm that they are able to attend visits, helping busy site staff to manage their time.

Asking participants to confirm attendance significantly reduces missed visits.

Visit windows
Simplify scheduling

Visit windows

Calculating visit windows across multiple studies can be challenging. Make it easy with clear visibility of target dates and protocol windows at the point of scheduling.

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Upcoming visit list

Upcoming visit list
Upcoming visit list
Improving clinical trial outcomes with the power of patient feedback
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Improving clinical trial outcomes with the power of patient feedback

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Make it easy

Make it easy for patients

Support patients to navigate their trial and share their feedback

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Faster trials

Faster trials for sponsors

Run better trials and get life changing medication to market faster

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Save sites time

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